WE WORK WITH COMPANIES THAT HAVE POTENTIAL Together to identify opportunities

One & Partners srl is based on a twenty-year experience gained in the sale of services and products, as well as in conducting and participating in companies with high potential.

Founded as a company specialized in Sales as a Temporary Manager, today it is present also as a Business Investor.
The objective is to support the strategic and financial development of young high-potential start-ups or Small Medium Companies already launched, through the consultancy that One & Partners is able to offer to guarantee results.


We offer professional advice and assistance to those interested in investing. Our goal is to accelerate the development of high-potential business projects through a series of services and financial resources.


We sustain and support companies in the delicate phases of start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and due diligence, the sale of the same or parts of it.

It is in crises that arise inventiveness, discoveries, and big strategies.

Albert Einstein

Who We Are

For over twenty years we have been accelerating the development of companies by investing in innovative companies. We support our Partners in every single phase, helping them to pursue their goals and managing specific activities for them.
We offer consulting, creative and digital solutions.