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One & Partners srl aims to sustain, support and (re) launch companies with a scalable business model: from prototype to success.
We consolidate brands in global markets and grow the international relations network.


We sustain companies with operational and effective solutions to support them in the growth and competitiveness. We offer consulting services in the administrative and financial area, and control through a personalized and flexible service over time.

Marketing & Sales

We support companies to accelerate their growth and improve their margins, also guaranteeing sustainability over time. We refine the sales processes by digitizing the products and guiding the company towards success.


We provide the necessary services to face the entire implementation phase  with the aim of reducing the costs and development time of a new product. From prototype to industrial production, we offer advice on technologies, materials and production processes.

Business Investment

We offer professional advice and assistance to those interested in investing. Our goal is to accelerate the development of high-potential business projects through a series of services and financial resources.

We contribute to a profound renewal of business processes and anticipate the changing needs of the national and international market by guaranteeing:

  • Legality
  • Transparency
  • Correctness

Business Advisor

We sustain and support companies in the delicate phases of start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and due diligence, the sale of the same or parts of it.

We carry out projects that are economically and financially sustainable, based on an innovative and winning Business Idea.

We can offer:

  • Definition and implementation of business strategies
  • Redefinition of strategic focus
  • Professional skills intervention and inclusion

Sales Consulting

The sales consultancy service is aimed, after a thorough study of the company and its internal and external dynamics, to support and assist the entrepreneur or the manager in defining and achieving the required results:

  • Commercial planning
  • Sales forecast
  • Strategic customer management

Temporary Manager

The Temporary Manager, by definition, is a professional with a time assignment that performs the tasks accorded with the entrepreneur to achieve the desired result. He works to become useless as soon as possible.

As a Temporary Manager we help companies to:

  • Define the correct business operating plan
  • Reach the result in maximum 36 months
  • To increase both the turnover and the gross operating margin


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